Milton Keynes (MK CCG)

Information updated February 2021


Advice on referrals during the 2nd wave of Covid-19 was sent out by MK CCG on 8th Jan 2021. In addition, the LOC was advised in early February that no elective surgery (including cataracts) is currently taking place at MKUH. Outpatient appointments are continuing, but with reduced capacity. Urgent & emergency eyecare continues.


The information below relates to routine referrals for patients with a GP in the MK CCG area. Please also see our urgent & emergency services page. (Note that MK CCG is now part of NHS Bedfordshire, Luton & Milton Keynes Commissioning Collaborative, known as 'BLMK'.)


(If you’re unsure which CCG area applies, check the lists available here.)




All routine referrals should be emailed to the MK Referral Management Service (RMS). The email address for routine referrals (only from another account) is During the coronavirus pandemic, cases will be dealt with initially by telephone assessment. 

For general queries about this service please email Milton Keynes CCG on, or view the education event presentation available to download from this page (produced for an event in Feb 2019 and amended in Sep 2020.) Patient-specific queries may be sent (only from another account) to Further RMS contact details are in the document available for download from this page.


For more detailed local information on referral pathways in Milton Keynes, please download the Eyecare Pathways Milton Keynes document from this page. The latest version was posted in February 2021, and this should be displayed in every consulting room. Please also refer regularly to other information on this page, and look out for email updates.


Remember that you should only email your referrals from an address ending in Every health professional is personally responsible for protecting patient data, and referrals sent from other email addresses will not be secure. If your practice doesn’t have an email address, please check our website here for information on how to get one.


The information on referral pathways is intended to be helpful rather than definitive, and there may be a delay in updating information when pathways change. For urgent or emergency referrals we recommend practitioners confirm the provider has received the referral and/or give clear advice to patients on what action to take if they have not been contacted within an appropriate time frame.


Cataract referrals

The MK direct cataract referral service ceased on 30th June 2020.

From 1st July 2020 cataract referrals in MK should be treated as any other routine referral and emailed to the RMS on GOS18.


In January 2021 a new policy document was distributed by BLMK. The document (actually dated August 2020) describes revised referral criteria for cataract surgery, and is available here


Patient choice for cataract referral

Providers holding a contract with MK CCG to provide cataract services (at February 2021) include:

Milton Keynes University Hospital (default provider)

Ramsay Blakelands

Bedford Hospital

Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Northampton General Hospital

Patients may exercise their right of choice to be referred to another provider, but that provider must be listed in the NHS electronic referral service (e-RS). To check if a hospital or clinic is listed, email

Cataract referrals in MK should never be sent directly to the hospital/clinic, even when the patient has indicated a choice.