Welcome to LOCNET

Welcome to LOCNET: the portal for your local optical committee's website. This LOCNET portal allows users to access websites of local optical committees (LOCs).

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There are around 75 LOCs in England, each one representing ophthalmic contractors and performers within a defined geographical area.

LOC websites allow local optical professionals to learn who their LOC officers and committee members are, what community services are operating in the area and other information and guidance that their LOC feels is relevant.

LOC websites are an effective way of helping LOCs to improve communications with local practitioners and also provide a point of contact for NHS Area Teams, Clinical Commissioning Groups, patient groups and other bodies who may wish to engage with the LOC.

Please contact LOCSU if you need advice or assistance with this LOCNET portal or if you have difficulty contacting an LOC.

Note, some of the LOC websites listed are hosted on this portal and others are provided for LOCs by third parties.