Low Vision

Click this link https://www.sightlinedirectory.org.uk/ for a useful  directory of services aimed at helping blind or partially sighted people.


Community optometrists are in an ideal position to  direct patients with visual impairment to local statutory or voluntary support services. It is not necessary for a patient to be registered as sight impaired in order to access these resources.


Available for download from this page is the resource booklet 'Seeing beyond the eyes', listing many national sources of support. Local sources have not been filled in, as these may be subject to change. Please use the Sightline Directory (above) to locate these, and we will also attempt to keep the links below updated. 


BucksVision  is a visual impairment charity,  with resource centres in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. They offer a subscription service and are very happy for patients to self-refer. Find out more by visiting their website http://www.bucksvision.co.uk  or download their leaflet on the right.


Support at eye clinics

Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) provide emotional and practical support to patients attending local eye clinics.  They are able to answer a wide range of questions, such as how to register as sight impaired, and advise on equipment and aids that might help. 


In this video, ECLO Robert McKenzie discusses his role at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and how he helps people who have been newly-diagnosed.


For further information, please contact BucksVision on 01296 487 556 or email reception@bucksvision.co.uk.


In Milton Keynes the statutory service is provided by BID  (Birmingham Institute for the Deaf). Local contact details are below:


Sensory Advice Resource Centre

Gloucester House

399 Silbury Boulevard

Milton Keynes MK9 2AH

Telephone : 01908 401135
Email : sarcmk@bid.org.uk



In the rest of Bucks, the statutory provider is BISS (Buckinghamshire Integrated Sensory Service) 


Download their leaflet on this page for more information.


The Low Vision Leaflet (LVL), which patients may use for self-referral, is also available for download from this page.