NHS mail

NHS mail (information updated June 2019)

NHS mail is a secure email service, approved for the transmission of patient data. NHS mail addresses have the suffix @nhs.net. 

Please note that emails will only be secure if both the sender and the recipient have email addresses ending in @nhs.net. 


To register for an @nhs.net email address, download an application form by visiting


and click on ‘Registering Optometrists’. Then send the completed form to england.optom-athsm@nhs.net for MK practices, or to servicedesk.cscsu@nhs.net for practices in the rest of Bucks.


Note that before you are registered you will need to have completed the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit https://www.dsptoolkit.nhs.uk/. If you are registering as part of a practice, only one person per practice needs to do this.


Where can I get help when completing the DSPT?

Quality in Optometry provides useful guidance and a checklist for individuals and practice owners, to help them meet the requirement.

AOP members can also read their GDPR advice for further information