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The 2019 AGM of Buckinghamshire Local Optical Committee will be held at 8.00pm on the evening of 24th April at the Postgraduate Education Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital (see hospital site map on this page). Papers will be posted on this page as they become available, and these will include the AGM notification letter, which contains more information, and which has been emailed to all on our database.


Elections now take place at every AGM, and this year we will have vacancies for one performer and one contractor. The two present committee members who have volunteered to stand down have indicated that they wish to stand for re-election. Note that only contractors and performers working in Buckinghamshire are eligible to vote.

If you would like to vote, but are unable to attend, please contact the secretary for a proxy/postal voting paper.

Preceding the AGM, at 7.00pm, will be a CET event. Visit the Education section of our website for details.




Following the many problems which practices have encountered with Primary Care Support England, we now have a separate PCSE section on this website. Note that a representative from PCSE will be attending our LOC meeting on 19th March 2019. Please contact the secretary if you have any points which you would like her to raise on your behalf.



Eyecare pathways sheets

Please go to the Practitioner Matters/Local Schemes and Forms section to download the latest versions of the Eyecare Pathways sheets for Mid & South Bucks and MK, giving information on how and where to refer in your area. Also available are the document on Urgent & Emergency Eyecare Services, and another document, to help you decide on the urgency of referrals.



Bucks LOC holds several CET evenings  each year.  Occasional hands-on CET workshops are also organised, and four peer review evenings (also CET-accredited) are held each year. See Education in the Events section of this website for more details.