Our latest newsletter (December 2019) and archive editions, may be downloaded from the Newsletter page. 


During the ongoing pandemic, instead of the newsletters, we are sending out regular email updates. If you would like to receive these, please enquire at



On 6th July 2020 we launched a Covid-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) in Milton Keynes. Contractors may download the letter from this page to read more and to express an interest in participation. There's also more information on our 'urgent & emergency' page.


AGM 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no physical meeting could be held.

Voting for the resolutions took place electronically.

Papers were posted on this page prior to the AGM, and the 2020 AGM minutes have now been added. We hope to post the accounts here soon.


Committee elections now take place at every AGM, and this year we had vacancies for two performers and one contractor. The three present committee members who have served their three-year terms had indicated that they were willing to stand for re-election. As no new nominations were received by the closing date, these three will each commence a new three-year term.


Only contractors (or their representatives) and performers, working in Buckinghamshire, were eligible to vote for the resolutions. All votes were cast by 8.00pm on 29th April 2020.






Following the many problems which practices have encountered with Primary Care Support England, we now have a separate PCSE section on this website, including bulletins and two short training videos about the PCSE online claims process.


Eyecare pathways sheets

Please go to the Practitioner Matters/Local referral information section to download the latest versions of the Eyecare Pathways sheets for Mid & South Bucks and MK, giving information on how and where to refer in your area. Also available are the document on Urgent & Emergency Eyecare Services, and another document, to help you decide on the urgency of referrals.



Bucks LOC holds several CET evenings  each year.  Occasional hands-on CET workshops are also organised, and four peer review evenings (also CET-accredited) are held each year. See Education in the Events section of this website for more details.


AOP campaign on smoking cessation

If you'd like to get involved, read more about the AOP’s ‘stub it out’ campaign.

The College of Optometrists also has useful information for the public.

For more local information, download the Buckinghamshire Tobacco Control Strategy from this page. You and your patients will also find lots of local help and support by visiting