Referral Guidelines

The GOS18/Optometric referral forms have been re-designed and replaced by two separate forms, for implementation from 1st April 2012. These are available for download on the RHS.

Form A is for referrals to the HES via the GP.

Form B is for sending information to the GP.

Both forms are also available in paper format and further copies can be obtained from William Farr House via the stationary request form.

Please view webpages on the RHS  for more information on  referrals for suspect Glaucoma, Cataract, Wet ARMD and Low Vision referrals to the Sensory Impairment Team.

NB. Clarification on referral timings - urgent and routine referral times are measured from when the GP makes the referral to the HES, NOT when the optometrist makes the referral to the GP. So, please ask the patient to contact the GP if a hospital appointment is not forthcoming when expected. It is possible that the referral may still be with the GP practice.

CHEC manage the ophthalmology services previously offered by the Practice. CHEC triages all ophthalmology referrals sent through the GP. This also means that patients whose follow up appointments are behind schedule, can be re-referred through the GP and will be offered an appointment within 7 days.

If there are any queries regarding routine referrals or re-referrals, please contact Deborah at CHEC patient services tel. 01772717167

Emergency Referrals
For emergency referrals requiring immediate action, please refer the patient directly to the Urgent Eye Clinic, based at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.   

In the first instance, telephone the clinic on 01743 261476 and a member of the clinical team will advise on appropriate action.   In most cases you will be asked either to fax or give the patient a covering letter to take to their appointment at the Hospital.

The fax number is 01743 261396. Please ring 01743 261476 to confirm receipt of fax.

The Urgent Eye Clinic is open on Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 12 noon, and Sunday 10am to 12 noon.

Out of hours, you are advised to phone the main switchboard 01743 261000 and ask to speak to the on-call ophthalmologist. If this is not possible, send the patient to A&E with a covering letter.

Please remember to send a copy of the referral to the patient's GP, marked clearly 'for your information', to avoid confusion.