Glaucoma Repeat Measures Scheme


This scheme is designed to enable accredited optometrists to repeat Intra-Ocular pressure (IOP) using Goldmann or Perkins applanation tonometry on patients with raised IOP of 24 mmHg or higher and/or repeat visual field testing on patients who demonstrate a suspect glaucomatous visual field defect on initial testing.  

This scheme excludes patients who have suspect or abnormal glaucomatous disc changes or other significant ocular pathology.  

These patients should be referred to ophthalmology in the usual way using referral form A found in the referral guidelines section of this website.

Please Note:   Patients being seen on this scheme must be registered with a Shropshire County or Telford and Wrekin GP.   This scheme is designed for accredited practitioners to repeat tests on their own patients.   However, if appropriate, an accredited practitioner can repeat tests on a patient seen by a non-accredited colleague within the same practice, for example a locum working in the practice.   Otherwise, non-accredited practitioners should continue to refer their patients in the usual way as mentioned above.

Please ensure all patients entering the scheme are issued with the Glaucoma Repeat Measures leaflet.

College of Optometrists comments on the latest NICE glaucoma guidelines are in the list of documents on the RHS of this page.


WOPEC Codes are available from the CET team