Wet AMD Referrals


As of 1st October 2018 SaTH have removed the wet AMD fax referral service.  Fax remains active for the Urgent Eye Clinic.

If you have successfully attained an NHS Net email address then please begin to use the new pathway.  It would be helpful for all practices to have NHS Net email addresses but we understand the significant burden associated with getting one.

If you do not have an NHS Net email address then the most appropriate referral pathway is to refer VIA GP.  We suggest that, for the safety of your patients, you give the patient the letter in an enveloped marked 'FOR URGENT ACTION' and advise them to take it to their GP immediately.  We also advise that you concurrently fax the referral to their GP practice if they still have fax services.  Click HERE for a covering letter which you can include in your referral in order to further inform the GP.  Other possible referral routes are via UEC, though we expect that referrals will be rejected at telephone triage, or via A&E.