For advice on the current CoronaVirus (Covid-19) pandemic, please follow this link to the Local Optical Support Unit {LOCSU} page which is the most current around for the optical sector:



For ANY practices reopening from the Covid-19 pandemic, you must advise NHS authorities of your new hours.

Please use the email below and quote your reason as:

Covid-19 Pandemic

Copy and paste the above into your email address bar, specify your practice details, give a contact name and phone number too.




Dear all,

We have launched a new macula degeneration inbox for all suspected WET AMD patients in order to fast track patients to the service. All patients who have signs of suspected wet AMD should bedirectly referred to the following email address:


Please include a copy of the history and examination findings on a wet AMD referral form as you would do currently (using RNIB fast-track wet AMD form or alternative example attached). Importantly, please include up to date patient identifiers, address and contact numbers.

Feel free to provide the patient with the attached information leaflet on what to expect after a referral has been made and details of their visit on the day.

Best wishes,


Mr Liam Sullivan

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Medical Retina and Macula Degeneration Lead


 Download the form by clicking on it in the box top right of screen, and then open the download from your task bar - bottom left of your task bar.



Please note that all GOS supplies are now based at:-

Ida Darwin Block 26,

Ida Darwin Hospital,



CB21 5EE

Their phone number is 01223884111; and their fax number is 01223884116