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For advice on the current CoronaVirus (Covid-19) pandemic, please follow this link to the Local Optical Support Unit {LOCSU} page which is the most current around for the optical sector:

Alternatively look up the ABDO, Colledge, or, AOP websites



For ANY practices reopening from the Covid-19 pandemic, you must advise NHS authorities of your new hours.

Please use the email below and quote your reason as:

Covid-19 Pandemic

Copy and paste the above into your email address bar, specify your practice details, give a contact name and phone number too.

Forthcoming events:

Wednesday 23rd September, 7 to 8 pm from Hoya. 1  CET point for Optometrists, CLO's and Dispensing Opticians.

The title is: A Pain in the Neck or Opportunity to Impress - Low Add Boost Occupational and Driving lenses .

7th October  Alcon Presbyopia and contact lenses Peer discussion 3 interactive CET points Optoms DO's and CLO's

This peer discussion session uses cases commonly found in everyday practice to enable discussion around presbyopic contact lens correction situations.

For more information on LOC educational events contact John on: hhtps://




The CET claim form has now been updated for electronic submission - link in documents...