Cambs LOC

  • Cambridgeshire Local Optometric Committee (LOC) is a statutory body which represents the interests of local optometrists.
  • We provide advice and support to optometrists on any matter concerning their NHS contract, on locally agreed enhanced services, developments such as clinical governance and changes in the NHS structure.
  • We liase with the NHS Commissioning Board - Local Area Team (LAT) on issues affecting optometry by formulating collective views.
  • We help to design, pilot and commission enhanced service pathways.
  • The LOC is funded by a statutory levy, which is collected from the monthly payments made to registered optometrists for performing General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) eye examinations.
  • We can act as a source of information and advice to anyone with an interest in primary eye care in Cambridgeshire.
  • We also provide CET accredited events and peer review for local professionals.
  • We are always interested to hear from commissioners of enhanced eye care services.
  • For queries or to join in on the work of Cambridgeshire LOC then please get in touch - our email is