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    Welcome to the Cambridgeshire LOC website

Cambridgeshire Local Optical Committee


For advice on the current CoronaVirus (Covid-19) pandemic, please follow this link to the Local Optical Support Unit {LOCSU} page which is the most current around for the optical sector: 



For ANY practices closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you must advise NHS authorities of your closure.

For any practices re-opening; you must also advise the authorities... 

Please use the email below and quote your reason as:

Covid-19 Pandemic


Copy and paste the above into your email address bar, specify your practice details, give a contact name and phone number too.


We are very pleased to see that you have found the Cambridgeshire LOC site, where we will provide support, advice, and guidance to all the Optometrists in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

While we work to promote the interests of all optometrists with the local commissioners of health services; both primary and secondary; we will - through LOCSU; promote nationally too.

Cambridgeshire Local Optical Committee; for those of you who don't know much about it, is made up of volunteers who come together to help provide support,advice, communications, guidance and training for all the optometrists in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.
We all work to promote the interests of all optometrists with the local commissioners of health services; both primary and secondary.
And we run the Primary Eyecare Company (PEC) that has secured and maintains various pathways for eye care within our communities.
We also work with LOCSU to best promote these aspects on a nationwide basis. 
How does it work?
Well we have various voluntary officers -
Chair person, 
Clinical Liaison officer, 
Events officer.
AND we have members and observers from across the optical profession.
Some of the officers and members are additionally, registered directors of the PEC - which is a non profit company in its own right.
So a few people - less than 20, work VERY hard on your behalf.
And you all pay for it! - in the form of the Levy that is deducted from all NHS payments. 
The monies generated by the Levy entirely fund all our activities, (the interminable) negotiations with CCG's, NHS representatives, LOCSU and even our own committee meetings.
Hopefully you now feel better informed about Cambs LOC !!
If you want to know any more details, or if you would like to attend a meeting, or even join in and help the work we do, see one of the committee or email the secretary or John (both email addresses you should have) at any time.