Cambridgeshire LOC Documents

For advice on the current CoronaVirus (Covid-19) pandemic, please follow this link to the Local Optical Support Unit {LOCSU} page which is the most current around for the optical sector:

For ANY practices closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you must advise NHS authorities of your closure.

Please use the email below and quote your reason as:

Covid-19 Pandemic

Copy and paste the above into your email address bar, specify your practice details, give a contact name and phone number too.

This page will link you to all the relevant documents  relating to policies, guidelines and forms that have so far been requested by our local providers and contractors.


Please click on the appropriate page link - on the right hand side of this page on PC's; or below if on mobiles


If there are any other documents you feel should be made available, please email us the details or links, and we will review them.