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Our next event has had to be moved from the 17th January, to Thursday 31st January, and will still be held at the Spire Hospital Impington.
Posterior Vitreous Detachment, Retinal Detachment, and Peripheral Retinal Degenerations
Philip Alexander FRCOphth , Consultant Ophthalmic and Vitreoretinal Surgeon 
Patients regularly attend their optometrist with flashing lights and floaters due to acute posterior vitreous detachment. These symptoms can be dramatic and quite distressing for patients, especially because the inevitable Google search has already suggested imminent blindness from retinal detachment.
While the majority of patients with posterior vitreous detachment will have no further sequelae, 10-15% of patients will have a retinal break which, if untreated, can lead to retinal detachment. Careful examination of the vitreous and the peripheral retina is essential. Diagnosis and management of the different types of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment will be discussed. Retinal tears need to be distinguished from other peripheral retinal degenerations. The role of ultrawidefield retinal imaging in this setting will also be discussed.
NB: CET point applied for.

NEED to know if your going to attend as there is limited space and for catering  

If you turn up unannounced then there will not be food for you and no where to sit!

These lectures are extremely well attended so please let me know.
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 Outline of 2019 events currently in the planning!

February               "Optometry Today" so no locally based lectures.

March 21st            OCCU Peer reveiw event with 3 interactive CET points available.

April                      Addenbrookes/Hinchingbrooke cataract accreditation event with 1 Optom CET point.

May              this space..................

June  6th              Brain Tumour Charity lecture with 1 Optom CET point available