Referrals to Ophthalmology


Practices are encouraged now to send referrals direct to ophthalmology by email from a secure practice address, with a copy to the GP.


If not yet possible to refer direct, routine referrals can be sent to the patients GP using the GOS18 or the practice's own template/design.


Electronic (email) direct referrals to LTHT can be made by sending to:

Please note this is a change of address.


Referrals from the Cataract Direct Referral Scheme or the IOP Refinement Scheme must be on the appropriate referral forms.

 Non-urgent referrals can now also be sent to the new Leeds 'AQP' Community Ophthalmology providers either direct (by paper, secure fax or emailed through  GPs can access this service through the electronic E-Refer service, currently unavailable to optometry practices.

 Urgent referrals should not be sent to the GP - see urgent ophthalmology referrals and AMD Fast-Track pathway.