Leeds Community Ophthalmology (AQP) Service


Leeds has an adult NHS community ophthalmology service which has been commissioned in 2015 with 'Any Qualified Provider' (AQP) contracts.

This allows patients to be seen outside of a hospital setting, closer to home, with reduced waiting times for for non urgent conditions.

A number of different providers are eligible to offer services and all have signed up to a Consultant Led Ophthalmic Delivery Network (CLODN) to ensure uniform level of service and standards of care across the city. The services are delivered by multi-disciplinary teams of clinicians including suitably qualified optometrists and are all led by a consultant ophthalmologist.

Providers are listed on E-Refer (previously Choose and Book) for referrals from GPs, but optometrists can refer direct to the service of choice.

Contact details for all current providers and further details about the service are available here.