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Advice from HVCCG on when Optoms should get reports or feedback from CHEC following a patient's consultation with them.

Sharon Rourke, Director of Operations at CHEC provided the following information about reports and feedback:

The process is as follows. 

  • For Glaucoma patients referred to us, we send an outcome letter to the patient and their GP.
  • For non-glaucoma patients referred from an Optometrist we send an outcome letter back to their Optometrist
  • There are some patients which have been transferred from other Providers, such as The Practice, where the original referred isn’t known. In this instance the Optometrist would not have received an outcome letter, as we would not have known the information.

Optometrists can request the information from the patient who should have an outcome letter. They could also contact CHEC for the information, but our team would need to see evidence that the patient is an actual patient of the Optometrists via our EPR system otherwise we can’t share the information without the patient's explicit consent.