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AGM 2021

Hertfordshire LOC held its AGM on Monday 22nd March, via Zoom. As well as the current Committee members and Officers, there were also nine observers. 

We had four excellent candidates apply for the one vacancy we had on the LOC. The election of the new member took place during the meeting, with the observers being able to vote as well as the committee. The successful applicant was Deepali Modha, who we would like to both congratulate and extend a warm welcome to.

The number of people signed up to the LOC mailing list has almost doubled during the Covid pandemic from just over 200 on the list to currently over 400. We will continue to keep you all informed and updated in these unprecedented times.

We are working on a more modern, easier to navigate website and will be taking the opportunity to tidy and improve our mailing list data. In the coming weeks, we will be asking you to fill in a form with all your details, which will enable us to communicate more effectively. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this.

Should you have any questions about the AGM, or the LOC, you are welcome to contact us at



Virtual Committee Meeting, Monday 16th November 2020 at 7:00pm

Because of the current situation, this committee meeting was held "virtually", via the Zoom platform on Monday 16th November 2020 at 7:00pm. 



ONLINE CET LECTURE: "Management of AMD, RVO and diabetic conditions", by Priya Prakash from Princess Alexandra Hospital, on Monday 23rd November 2020

Click here for further details and to register.

10/08/2020 eGOS and PCSE online webinars and notes from our Chair


PCSE have arranged some more dates for their eGOS and PCSE online webinar, see HERE. I watched one during the most recent LOC East of England forum meeting and found it very interesting and informative. I have included a few snippets from this HERE which I hope will encourage you to sign up to one of their sessions.


Jane, Chair, Herts LOC


04/06/2020 VIRTUAL AGM

As you may be aware, the Herts LOC AGM which is normally held in March every year was delayed due to the current situation. I'm pleased to say the meeting was held via a virtual platform, Zoom, on Monday 6th July 2020 at 8:00pm.

We are all currently facing very difficult and unknown circumstances that we've never faced before. Part of our role here at the Herts LOC is to disseminate information to all local contractors and performers so you are able to understand and comply with your duties. We understand everyone has had to change the way they think and work in these unprecedented times. We endeavour to continue to keep you up to date with all the relevant information via email and our website.

Our committee has a diverse range of experience and we all work together to support you. A large number of you have been in touch with us, now more than ever, with lots of questions and we will always answer or point you in the right direction. Please don't forget we are here to support you as practitioners in practice,. Therefore, it is vital for us to hear your wants, needs and views in the Optometric field, not only now during this global pandemic but in the future.

This year, we experienced holding our AGM on a virtual platform for the first time. It was a great success, with a record number of attendees.

04/06/2020 CHEC REFERRALS Herts Valleys CCG









Because of the current situation, the most recent committee meeting was held "virtually", on 26/05/2020. Minutes will be published after they are reviewd and approved at the next meeting.  Minutes from the last meeting were duly approved and will appear on this website shortly. For any questions, please contact



Ceasing Of E&NH Glaucoma Scheme With CHEC 09/05/2020




Please click HERE for the April newsletter from LOCSU


03/04/2020 LOCSU announce 4-month pause in levy payments

LOCSU is very aware of the impact that the measures to combat COVID-19 are having across the sector.

While the measures to combat COVID-19 are in place, including the ceasing of routine eye examinations, very minimal income relating to sight examination will be generated by optical practices. This will impact on LOC income and consequently LOCSU income.

To help LOCs through this difficult time the decision has been taken to halt LOCSU levy payments entirely in respect of the four-month period April-July 2020. CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER DETAILS


03/04/20 Optical Sector Rejects Fifth Year of Freeze in GOS Fees


On 3 April the OFNC rejected the fifth year of freeze in GOS fees. The OFNC, responding to a letter from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) which states GOS fees will be frozen for another year, said:
  • “…the freeze will have to be imposed by the Department without OFNC agreement. The OFNC had bid for a reasonable and affordable increase of at least 2.5% in GOS fees this year in line with wider investment in NHS care”. 
The OFNC also said: 
  • “The government’s fee letter does not bear any relation to discussions the OFNC has had with NHS England and our response sets out to correct the record. In the meantime, a serious injustice has been done to the primary eye care sector and eye care patients. The trust and goodwill of a loyal workforce, who will be key to delivering the Outpatient Transformation Programme and relieving long term pressures on hospitals, has been further eroded.” 
Read the full OFNC statement.


Coronavius COVID-19 and Postponement of the Hertfordshire LOC AGM


Given the current circumstances, Hertfordshire LOC did not hold their AGM on Monday 30th March, as planned. The revised date will be published on the website as soon as is practical

We will continue to support practitioners by updating information on this website and via emails. 
There is a new page containing links to the latest advice from the NHS and Optical Bodies, to be found HERE or from the menu.


If you would like to be added to our mailing list, would like to attend a committee meeting, or have any enquiries about the LOC, please contact the administrator for more details:


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Copies of previous newsletters may be found at the bottom of the page.


Update from Primary Eyecare Services - DVLA VISION TESTING

LOCSU was disappointed to hear that the recent Primary Eyecare Services company bid for the DVLA Vision Testing Service contract was unsuccessful. The PES proposal offered comprehensive geographic coverage of the UK through the 2500 optical practices that were included in the bid. This would have resulted in shorter travel times and more flexibility for those referred for DVLA-approved sight tests.

While this bid was not successful, LOCSU looks forward to working with PES and all other PECs to respond positively to incorporate feedback into future opportunities.




CET EVENING Monday 24th February


A very successful evening of CET was held on Monday 24th February, at the NEW VENUE: Christchurch Baptist Hall, 20 Tewin Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1LG, 







Hertfordshire LOC Committee Meeting on Monday 13 January 2020


The last meeting of the Hertfordshire LOC was be on Monday 13th January 2020, at The Crooked Chimney, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City.

Prior to that, the Hertfordshire LOC held a CET evening  on Monday 18th November 2019 at The Pillar Suite, Biopark, Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 3AX


 If you are interested in hearing about future CET events, please complete the Google Form at , or email Dawn Doe at hertsloc@gmail.comand include the following information-

Your Full Name, GOC Number, Place of Work and Town

All information received will be used to notify you about future CET events, LOC meetings and other relevant information. Please email Dawn Doe at if you do not wish to receive future communication from Hertfordshire LOC.



The last meeting of Hertfordshire LOC was on 7th October 2019 at the Crooked Chimney, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City.  Minutes will up be uploaded to the website once approved at the next meeting.

The previous  meeting of the Hertfordshire LOC was on Monday 24th June 2019, at the BioPark in Welwyn Garden City. Minutes will be available on the website soon.




Herts LOC held their last AGM on 25th March at the BioPark in WGC.  It  was an excellent opportunity for practitioners to find out about the LOC, the work that is done to represent practices (the industry), and how we can influence the direction and decisions that are made.


In times of change, such as changes in the NHS and the introduction of enhanced services in other areas, it is vital that we are heard and do everything we can to protect our patients and practices.


Each year now, one third of the LOC is up for election and we are actively seeking Optometrists and DOs with a passion for their roles and a desire to help represent their colleagues.


If you would like any further information about our work or applications to join the committee, please email Dawn on




CET Grant 2019

Applications for the 2019 CET Grant have now closed. 


Message from Janine Collier:

Many thanks for the opportunity to speak with you all on Monday evening.  I hope that you found the talk helpful.

As an addendum, it is worth me saying that, as you know, the vast majority of optical care is excellent – in fact, when I did my research for this talk, I was surprised at just how few Optical cases had been reported.  My brief was to highlight certain pitfalls and I highlighted just a few cases that have been in the public domain as I can talk about these freely and openly.  All three case studies, perhaps unsurprisingly given the law of averages,  involved two of the largest employers of optometrists (Specsavers and Boots), but the themes and threads can be applied across all practices and were, I hope, food for thought.

Optometry, Ophthalomology & the Law of Negligence - PDF