CET Event 19th November 2018

Message from Janine Collier:

Many thanks for the opportunity to speak with you all on Monday evening.  I hope that you found the talk helpful.

 As an addendum, it is worth me saying that, as you know, the vast majority of optical care is excellent – in fact, when I did my research for this talk, I was surprised at just how few Optical cases had been reported.  My brief was to highlight certain pitfalls and I highlighted just a few cases that have been in the public domain as I can talk about these freely and openly.  All three case studies, perhaps unsurprisingly given the law of averages,  involved two of the largest employers of optometrists (Specsavers and Boots), but the themes and threads can be applied across all practices and were, I hope, food for thought.

Optomentry, Ophthalomology & the Law of Negligence - PDF