Finding GP Contact Details

Finding GP Practice Details


Frequently patients requiring referral are unsure of the name of their GP or the name of the GP's practice.  Also, when referring a patient you will need to have the fax number for the GP.  These details are most easily found by accessing the "NHS Choices" website.


Please click on the link below and you will be taken there.


Once the NHS Choices website has been reached the best way to find the GP of a particular patient (provided that the patient knows the name of the GP, name of the GP practice or rough location of the GP practice) go to the "services near you" panel, click on "GP" and enter the patient's post code.  A list of GP practices near the patient's home will then appear and you can choose the correct one.


Most entries include the practice telephone and fax numbers but, should the fax number be missing, it is a simple matter to contact the practice by telephone and ask what their fax number is.