Community Optometry Services

Following the successful community services launch event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 9th February the powerpoint presentation slides, the Birmingham & West Midlands Service Pack and instructions on QiO completion are attached at the foot of this page. 
January 2016
The below guidance has been supplied by the Heart of West Midlands Regional Optical committee with regards to the provision of community services across the area to help practices avoid confusion. It has previously been emailed out to contractors and performers who are on Birmingham LOC mailing list, if you would like to be added to this list please contact the secretary on  (Some information has been added or amended by Birmingham LOC to include recent updates to the information issued by HWMROC).
Previously: Until the 31st March 2014 all practices across the region could offer patients a Cataract Direct Referral Enchanced Service, and in some areas an Intraocular Pressures Repeat Measures Service (IOPRM)
Now: From 1st April 2014 the responsibility for the operation and commissioning of optometry community services (previously enhanced services) has passed from NHS England to the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Each CCG is now adopting its own approach to the future shape and operation of the community services that practices have been providing.
It is crucial to understand that the service provided to a patient is no longer dependant on the location of the optometric practice, but by the location of the patient’s GP.
Sight tests are not affected as they are commissioned nationally, but community services may only be provided to a patient if the patient’s GP belongs to a CCG which commissions a community service. We understand that this may cause both you and your patients some difficulty and inequality of service. This is at present beyond our control.
Birmingham Cross City CCG and Birmingham South Central CCG
The CCG has decided to “roll over” the existing contracts for IOP repeat measures and direct referral of cataracts (with choice). Those accredited for IOPRM should continue to use the Webstar Optoserve software to submit data and automatically claim the fees.
All practices are, of course, able to provide cataract choice, as there is no accreditation needed, and all patients should be offered a choice of provider when they are referred for cataract surgery. All claims up to the end of March should have been submitted to David Brown before the end of April. No claims should be submitted to David Brown for patients seen after the 1st April.
Hopefully the Webstar Optopay system will be in place to deal with Cataract claims by the end of June. In the meantime continue to make the referrals by fax to the chosen provider using form C1 and retain a signed copy of form C2 in the practice for future verification and possibly CCG audit. For further information on Webstar please contact Ian Hadfield and Birmingham LOC
Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG
During 2015 Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG issued a competitive tender for a provider to carry out IOP repeat measures, enhanced direct cataract referrals and a Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) for the patients registered with their GPs.  Primary Eye Care (Heart of West Midlands) Ltd, supported by LOCSU bid for and won the contract to provide these services commencing 1st March 2016.
PEC(HoWM)Ltd will offer sub-contracts to all suitably qualified optometrists across the Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country patch starting from 1st March.
To take part practitioners will have to have completed the WOPEC training and accreditation for Glaucoma levels 1 & 2, MECS and Cataract referral, they should also have completed the adult and children's safeguarding qualification available through DOCET .  The practice needs to achieve a slightly higher level in the QiO and a contract with PEC(HoWM)Ltd to provide the services.
Further instructions coming soon but, in the meantime you will find the MECS introductory package at the bottom of this page.
For further information please email
Solihull CCG
Solihull CCG joined with Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG to tender for IOP repeat measures, enhanced direct cataract referral and MECS services, these also go live on 1st March 2016 and exactly the same information applies to Solihull as to Sandwell and West Birmingham.  The Solihull MECS introductory pack is also attached at the bottom of this page.
For further information please contact Dan Sanders on
 Wolverhampton CCG
The Wolverhampton CCG area now has full IOPRM, PEARS and enhanced cataract referral services commissioned and running via PEC(HoWM)Ltd.  These went live in September 2015 using the Webstar Optopay system to manage them.
Although there were early teething problems these services are now fully operational and working reasonably well.
Optometrists wishing to participate in the services need to be WOPEC accredited.
Please contact Wolverhampton LOC for further details.
Dudley CCG
The CCG have rolled over their existing contacts for cataract referrals so there is no change to the process. New claims and payment methods are being introduced, and it is hoped that the Webstar online service will be introduced. For now, until a payment mechanism is in place, all C1s should be retained until such time as arrangements for payments are made. All practices are encouraged to use the service.
Please contact Dudley LOC for more information or see the LOC website.
Walsall CCG
IOP repeat measures, enhanced cataract direct referral, MECS and Post Cataract assessment go live in Walsall from 1st March 2016.  The information for the MECS service will be almost identical to that for Sandwell and West Birmingham and Solihull CCGs
For further information please contact Walsall LOC for further details or