Referral Guidance

Guidance for optometrists in Birmingham on the referral of patients with ocular conditions requiring medical intervention and relating to patients of GPs in Birmingham Cross City CCG, Birmingham South and Central CCG and that part of Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG that used to be associated with Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trust.


PLEASE REMEMBER that BMEC / Sandwell Hospital, Heart of England Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham all have rapid access clinics for patients with Wet AMD.  For information on how to refer to these clinics please go to "Ophthalmology Provider Contacts.


We recommend eye care professionals seeking information about eye conditions for their own education and that of their patients to go to the Good Hope Eye Clinic website.  Set up and kept up to date by associate specialist ophthalmologist David Kinshuck, the website is an invaluable resource.


Just click on the link below.