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(COVID Urgent Eyecare Service - CUES)


Sefton Local Optical Committee (SLOC) is the official organisation representing the interests of the Optical Profession, particularly Optometrists, dispensing Opticians and optical practices within the Sefton area. Where possible it aims to provides advice and guidance to the profession as well as to Sefton Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's), local Hospitals and other primary care providers within the Sefton area.

The LOC has also taken on the role of helping to organise and establish various shared care schemes within the area, such as

"The Glaucoma repeat measures Service."

"The Direct Cataract referral pathway"


Sefton LOC members meet approximately every  8 - 12 weeks, depending on the prevailing workload, to discuss matters/plans/legislation that affect Optometry on a Local/National level.Meeting dates

Continuing Education and Professional Development

With the demise of Merseyside Optical Seminars, Sefton LOC continue to liaise with neighbouring LOC's with the aim to support continuing education events for local practitioners.


Useful Information for Practitioners and Performers


The LOC aims to try and provide useful information or links to information that may be of benefit to Eye Care Professionals locally or Nationally

Voucher values

NHS optical voucher values for 2019/20 will remain at the same level as 2017/18


Download vouchers at a glance 2015


Download vouchers at a glance 2016


Download Vouchers at a glance 2018