Information and resources for health professionals about eye services

If you are a health professional who has to signpost patients to a particular service or optical practice, listed below is further information on common eye conditions and resources, such as publicity material, which can be used in your location to offer to patients.

Minor Eye Conditions

1 Minor Eye Conditions Service Leaflet (A5)
2 MECS Poster for Opticians
3 MECS Poster for General Practice and Pharmacy

Learning Disabilities Sight testing Service

4 Having an eye Test
5 Wearing Glasses
6 The Eye Test explained
7 Preparing for an Eye Test
8 After the Eye Test
9 Greater Manchester Learning Disability Team contacts

Information on Eye Conditions

10 Blepharitis
11 Cataract  
12 Flashes and Floaters  
13 Foreign Bodies
14 Meibomium Gland Dysfunction 
15 Tear Dysfunction 


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Macular Degeneration