EMAC (Emergency Macula) Service guidelines and referral info


Manchester Royal Eye Hospital has developed a new service to streamline and improve the access for patients requiring an urgent review of their macula. This has previously been done through the Macular Assessment Referral Refinement (MARRC) clinic and was primarily focussed on AMD patients. However, we recognise that with continuing development in macular treatments and other diseases being treated urgently such as central retinal vein occlusion and myopic CNV there was a need to alter the referral guidelines and improve access for patients. From week commencing

From week commencing 11th May it will be possible for you to refer all patients in whom you have concerns about the macula urgently to the new EMAC (Emergency Macula) Service.

The referral guidelines can be found at the bottom of this section.

All patients in whom you are concerned that the macula may need urgent assessment and treatment may be referred through this service.

Please use the contact details contained in the EMAC service referral guidelines at the bottom of this section; to make an urgent appointment for the patients while they are in your practice. If seen out of hours or on a weekend please take urgent contact details from the patient and call the next working day. The patients will have a rapid access appointment in which the aim will be for them to be assessed urgently using OCT and appropriately triaged by our specialist optometrists either to an urgent macular treatment centre appointment for intravitreal therapy if necessary or routine outpatient clinics for less urgent pathology or for monitoring.  


Link to Visudyne website:

Download "EMAC " referral form from the bottom of this section