Low Vision Scheme

Herefordshire Low Vision Scheme


Herefordshire is fortunate to have a low vision scheme to help those with vision difficulties that are not corrected by your best spectacles.


This service is available:

  • Locally
  • To anyone experiencing difficulty
  • Free of charge


You must be registered with aHerefordshire GP.Vision difficulties may affect our ability to:

  • Read small print
  • Watch TV
  • Cross roads
  • Recognise faces
  • Cook on your own


What to expect at your appointment

  • Measurement of your visionD
  • Discussion about your visual needs and difficulties
  • Access to low vision aids such as magnifiers and telescopes
  • Supply and instruction on how to use low vision aids
  • Advice about your spectacles
  • Assess your eligibility for registration as sight impaired or severely sight impaired
  • Information about other low vision services in Herefordshire

You can easily access this service by self-referral to a local practitioner or request to be referred from your GP or Optometrist.



Local Low Vision Practitioners


Nicholas Black, Nicholas Rumney
BBR Optometry, 38 St Owen Street,
Hereford, Tel: 01432 265030


Andrew Jelley
A.C Jelley, 34 High Street
Bromyard, Tel: 01885 488259


Geoffrey Gay
G.R. Gay, 8 Corn Street
Leominster, Tel: 01568 612994


John Miller
J.S. & D. Miller, 27 High Street,
Ledbury, Tel: 01531 632290


Darrell Scott
Scotts Opticians, Ross Community
Hospital, Alton Street
Ross-on-Wye, Tel: 01989 567244


Marion Scott
Scotts Opticians, 16 High Street,
Kington, Tel: 01544231330