Primary Eyecare North East - PE(NE)

PE(NE) is currently in the process of amalgamating with other Primary Eyecare areas. Information about the new Eyecare Company will appear here once its structure has been finalised.


An Introduction to Primary Eyecare North East - PE(NE)

Primary Eyecare North East (PENE) holds contracts with clinical commissioning groups (CCG’s) relating to community eye care services. These services aim to contribute to a substantial improvement in eye care service for the people living in the North East and Cumbria.


PENE operates on a not for profit basis with the aim of enabling contractors and performers in the region to provide high quality eye care. The group is looking at eye care service redesign in line with the new NHS goals of improved outcomes and better value in community eye care services.


Our main focus is on sight loss prevention through early diagnosis and treatment of ocular conditions, wherever possible in a primary care setting. This is a national priority.


These services help to reduce waiting times but also to create easier access for all especially for hard to reach groups for example people with Learning Disabilities & Black Minority & Ethnic groups (BME).


Introductory Statement

Primary Eyecare North East Ltd (PENE) is a not for profit company that was primarily set up to support all community Optometrists through the new commissioning arrangements through NHS England. One of the key drivers for this was the Department of Health Liberating the NHS (2010). This new guidance linked with newly established commissioning arrangements. Local Optical Committees (LOC’s) required a solution to manage this and so a centralised contracting mechanism was developed called PENE. This will help to coordinate and support the process of providing eye services for the region. This has also given us the opportunity to look at the wider determents of eye health and potentially new service delivery models. We want to encourage innovation and be transformational in the way we deliver services and this is the opportunity to ensure that this happens.


PE(NE) Management Structure

Jane Ranns

Managing and CGPL Director

Stephen Thomas

Finance Director

Stephanie Cairns

Communications Director

Lisa Gibson,

Sarah Farrow,

Tim Bagot.

Clinical Governance and Performance Team