LOC Minutes

Here you can find minutes taken from the LOC meetings.


The Committee holds its AGM during March or April each year and all optometrists practising in either area are invited to attend. The last meeting was held on 15th March 2018. All Optometrists and Contractors in the Cheshire area are encouraged to attend. The Committee also meets about 4 times a year.  the next meetings of the Cheshire LOC will be held on: - 

19th September 2018

6th December 2018


To download the most recent AGM minutes click here

14/7/15 Minutes

7/9/15 Minutes

26/01/16 Minutes

3/5/16 Minutes

13/7/16 Minutes

21/9/16 Minutes

30/11/16 Minutes

08/02/17 Minutes

19/09/17 Minutes