Waste Disposal Advice

LOC has issued a document for contractors to help them  understand their Waste Disposal responsibilities.   It has been compiled by Bob Wilkes.

Please download the document via clicking on  the column to the right.

NICE Guidance on Glaucoma

There was new advice issued jointly by the College of Optometrists and Royal College of Ophthalmologists in December 2010.   You can donwload a copy of the advice from this page.

Previously, the professional bodies AOP/FODO/ABDO are advising that all optometrists refer any patient found to have an IOP above 21mmHg. A copy of the advice  can be donwloaded from this section of the site.

To comply with this guidance, there is an electronic proforma and/or PDF file available  in the "Direct Referral"  section of this website.

The electronic form  can be saved as a permanent record of the referral. It would be helpful for further discussions with the PCTs, if optometrists using this proforma  store all such referrals in a single folder which will assist greatly in any future audits.