Urgent & emergency services

A new version of the document on urgent and emergency eyecare services in Bucks was produced in April 2019, and is available to download from this page. This should be used in conjunction with the document on urgency of referrals.


Referrals to the Milton Keynes Booked Urgent Service must be made on the BUS form, and the latest version (Nov 2018) is available to download from this page. 


Update June 2019

Both the MK BUS clinic and SMH eye casualty will now accept email referrals, however, please note the important point below.

You will only be able to use this facility if you are sending your referral from an email address ending in @nhs.net. Referrals sent from other email addresses will not be processed.


If your practice doesn’t have an nhs.net email address, and you’d like to get one, please check our website here for information on how to do this.


The address for the MK BUS clinic is bus.referrals@nhs.net

The address for eye casualty at Stoke Mandeville is buc-tr.buckseyecas@nhs.net



For wet AMD referrals, please see the separate advice section.