Bolton PCT operates a community based retinal camera screening scheme.

Patients with diabetes should be regularly screened and be encouraged to attend their screening. However, it needs to be reinforced that this does not replace the need for regular eye examinations as they can be more prone to ocular complications.

If patients are not under regular screening review, the patients GP should be informed. Also, if any retinopathy is found during an eye examination, the GP should be advised. At present, Optometrists who see diabetic patients under the GOS terms of service have a duty to notify the GP of their findings. This is useful even if the retinopathy does not require referral to the HES as it enables the GP to review the management of the condition. However, it should be clearly stated when referral to the HES is NOT required.

Non sight threatening (Mild and Moderate Non-Proliferative) retinopathy does not require referral - see referral guidance for more information.

Referral decisions will depend on whether the patient has been seen for regular screening or is already under the HES. It will also depend on the time since the last screening or examination along with any history and symptoms. Again, please avoid referring patients unnecessarily to the hospital when they are already being seen.