Welcome to the Surrey Local Optical Committee:

This website will provide useful information about procedures and services provided in Surrey, along with the latest news from LOCSU and updates from the 6 Surrey Clinical Commissioning Groups.

You will also find the signed off minutes of the LOC committee meetings including the AGM and other valuable downloadable documents.

If you have any questions about our work please do not hesitate to get in touch via E mail at surrey.loc @btinternet.com  or call the office on 020 8894 2633

The Surrey LOC is the official organisation which represents all optometrists and opticians in our area.  The main role of the LOC is to work with local CCGs to make community eye care services accessible to patients and cost effective for the NHS.

The objective of this website is to provide eye care practitioners, other health care professionals and the public with information about all aspects of eye care provision available within the Surrey LOC

Purpose of the LOC

Liaising with the local CCGs and other organisations and advise on matters affecting the optical practitioners undertaking general ophthalmic services in the area

Disseminating information to the profession on mandatory procedures and best practice and to assist understanding and compliance of terms of service

Assisting in the formulation of collective views on the administration of eye services and to make suggestions for their improvement and implementation


As a CET provider supplying a programme of continuing education and training free to practitioners who work in Surrey

Developing the role of optometry in the community 

LOC Funding

All Local Representative Committees collect a Statutory Levy. Our levy is received from NHS England derived from each NHS eye examination conducted.

The levy is calculated by the number of exams conducted over the previous year and averaged. Then, deducted proportionally from all optical practices within in Surrey geographical area.