Rotherham Referrals

Referral Procedure (Valid as at 16.04.13)

1) Routine referrals by GOS18 via GP

2) Suspected Wet AMD via rapid access referral form, faxed to Rotherham General Hospital AMD clinic on 01709 424775. The clinic will contact the patient to arrange an appointment, so please be sure to provide a contact telephone number.

3) Urgent referrals telephone Rotherham General Hospital Ophthalmology dept. on 01709 425770 or via the hospital switchboard on 01709 820000. The Ophthalmology dept. is open Monday to Friday 8.30am till 6.00pm, with last appointment at 4.30pm. Outside these hours or unable to contact the clinic, go via the switchboard to A&E and ask for the on-call Ophthalmologist.



NHS Rotherham Cataract Assessment / Referral Process (Valid as at 28.10.2018)

Click this link for Cataract Assesment/Referral Form for RCCG (Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group)

Click this link for RCCG Cataract Assessment / Post Operation Form 

For new applications for Cataract Assessment Contracts in Rotherham, Contact: Kirsty Gleeson, Strategic Planning Officer, Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Rotherham CCG, Oak House, Moorhead Way, Bramley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S66 1YY, 01709 ,


There has been some confusion with regard to the current procedure for faxing cataract referrals and claiming the referral fee from the CCG. Outlined below is the correct procedure for processing Pre-Cataract Assessments and Post Operative Assessments:


For Pre-Cataract Assessments:


To initiate the referral, the Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group (RCCG) Cataract Assessment/Referral Form should be completed and faxed to the relevant provider. The relevant provider being Rotherham Foundation Hospital Trust (RFT) or Spa Medica (SPA).


RFT Fax Number 01709 424138

SPA Fax Number 01204 441340 (forms can be emailed to SPA on ) 


To claim the referral fee,

A copy of the above Cataract Assessment/Referral Form, with only the patient details redacted, should be emailed to:


For Post-Operative Assessments:


For RFT patients:

Complete the RCCG Cataract Assessment Post-Operation Form and fax this to:


RFT Fax Number 01709 424138


To claim the Post-Operative Assessment Fee from the RCCG

A copy of the Post Operative Form with the patient details redacted should be emailed to: 


For SPA patients: 

Only SPA accredited Optometrists can claim Post Operative fees for SPA patients and the relevant forms and fees need to be directly sent to SPA Medica - Details can be found on:



In addition to all the above, a GOS 1 Sight Test (under usual entitlement) can be claimed for such a pre and post-operative assessments, whether it is a RFT or a SPA patient.   



Ocular Hypertension referral and monitoring

Practices in the Rotherham area should follow NICE guidelines for OHT referral and monitoring. Click this link for LOCSU / NICE guidance.

To claim payment of fees for OHT referrals, fax a copy of the GOS18 to 01709 302794, for the attention of Ian Baker. For the non-referral fee, fax the non-referral form, a copy of which is to the right of this page.

Note there is no accreditation requirement for this scheme in Rotherham, as contact tonometry is regarded as a core competency.




WET AMD Referral Form