Latest Meeting’s Minutes

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MINUTES of the Rotherham and Barnsley Local Optometric Committee

Meeting Date and Start Time: Tuesday 16 April 2019, 6pm

Meeting Location: Carlton Park Hotel, Rotherham

Present: Sukhy Bains (SuB), Dave Brumpton (DB), Peter Dand (PD), Terry English (TE), Omar Hassan (OH), Tan Hussain (TH), Robert King (RK), Aftab Rahim (AR), Nizz Sabir (NS), Steve Shaw (SS) and Tony Wing (TW). 

Attendees: Caroline Auckland-Shone, David Dand, Jessica Hickling, Jim Gill, Aileen Murgatroyd, Phil Murgatroyd, Aiysha Rahim, Rosemarie Siwekand Sarah Faulkner (SF) (Minute Taker)

Apologies: Sylvia Brumpton (SB), Bhavesh-Dayasharan Patel (BDP), Sean O’Brien (SO’B) and Tim Shone.

Minutes of the Last Meeting: The minutes from the meeting taking place on 12 March 2019 were accepted as a correct record. 

Matters Arising from RBLOC AGM Meeting:

  1. Welcome and Apologies 

OH welcomed everyone to the RBLOC AGM and thanked everyone for their attendance. OH then conducted introductions and apologies.

  1. Chairperson Report

OH presented the Chairperson’s report to the attendees. OH thanked everyone for attending and advised that it was a privilege to be the Chair of the RBLOC and to take a really active approach to this role. OH extended a big thank you to TH for all his work previously as Chair.

OH advised the attendees that the last few months had seen quite a lot of change and had seen a lot of new workstream projects coming online. OH stated that the LOC website was going from strength to strength and advised that input from committee members into making the website more effective has been very much appreciated. Ongoing input into the website was also welcomed. OH advised that the LOC had embarked on a major drive to improve social media presence and accessibility to the optometry community. OH advised that the LOC now has its own LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, email address and cloud account. 

OH advised the attendees that the LOC works alongside LOCSU and thanked NS for the LOCSU input to the RBLOC. OH and the LOC are committed to helping the local optometry community and want to make working in Rotherham and Barnsley better for both performers and contractors. 

OH stated that the focus of the RBLOC going forwards would be on taking a very active role across Rotherham and Barnsley and pursuing projects to improve services. OH stressed that involvement in the LOC must be accompanied by taking action and leading on projects. Attendance at LOC meetings only for information is not a role; it is vital that all LOC members contribute and are active.

OH thanked all the LOC members for their hard work over the previous 12 months and thanked them in advance for continued hard work over 2019/20.   

  1. Treasurer Report 

TE presented the treasurers report to all the attendees. TE advised the attendees that, in some previous years, the LOC had been less active than now and had thus accumulated a historic underspend. It was anticipated that now the LOC was much more active the underspend would significantly reduce.

TE advised the attendees that between February 2018 and March 2019 the RBLOC received £22,273.34. TE advised that form each sight test there was an income of 34p. TE stated that in 2018/19 £14,849.42 of income was to LOCSU and £7,423.92 to the committee. Expenses for 2018/19 for members for contributions to the RBLOC work programmes was £12,535.93 and the closing balance on the account is £21,218.76. TE advised that there is still a surplus in the account but expenses for RBLOC work are increasing due to higher levels of activity and this will reduce the surplus.

The attendees then discussed the levy. It was noted that from each sight test there is a 0.75% of 1% levy of which 0.5% is given to LOCSU and 0.25% comes to the LOC to support activities. OH proposed to the attendees that the levy of 0.75% (of 1% of a sight test) either remains as is or the levy is increased. TH suggested reviewing the expenditure before making a decision. TE suggested considering how large a surplus the RBLOC wants to hold. SuB noted that each CET event is about £2-3k, which could be reduced with sponsorship, but if holding up to 4 CET events per year then the levy may potentially need to increase. TH stated that it would be helpful to have a proposed costing structure for all RBLOC activities over 2019/20 before further decisions were taken on the levy. OH advised that there were a lot more activities planned this year and SuB noted that the surplus could easily be spent within the next 2 years. TH stated that the surplus would easily cover the next 12 months of activities. NS agreed and stated that costs could be reduced by seeking sponsorship for CET events. 

OH proposed 3 options on the levy to the attendees: raise the levy, keep the levy the same but review in 6 months or lower the levy. The attendees voted as follows: 2 attendees voted to increase, 17 attendees voted to keep the same but review and 1 attendee voted to lower the levy. OH stated the overwhelming vote was to keep the levy the same but review in 6 months and this was how the RBLOC would now proceed.

OH stated to the attendees that commitment to the LOC was important to justify expenditure and enquired if attendees thought the remuneration received was fair and if there were the right number of members on the committee. Caroline Auckland-Shore stated that the Wakefield LOC has only 5 members but it is only 1 Clinical Commissioning Group and a small geography. OH stated that the RBLOC has 12 members but covers 2 CCGs, a larger geography and bigger population. OH stated that his personal view was that 12 was too big. NS disagreed and stated that 12 members means there is 6 each for Rotherham and Barnsley and it means work programmes are evenly distributed.

NS stated that the focus should be on how effective the committee is not how many members there are. TH stated that meeting attendance is important, the committee is accountable and there is a strong 12 month plan in place. OH stated that SuB is doing great work on the CET events, TW and SS on organising LOC meetings and DB is doing good work on the website. SuB enquired if there had been volunteers for all the proposed work programmes. OH stated that there had been volunteers for half of the proposed work programmes. DB stated that some of the work is currently a learning curve and once people became more proficient with the areas they are leading on the committee will become more effective. TE enquired what the quorum was for the meeting and OH advised 4 committee members.

Phil Murgatroyd enquired if the RBLOC is audited. TW advised that SO’B conducted an audit of the RBLOC last year. Rosemarie Siwek enquired what members are paid. OH said attendance of LOC meetings is capped at 2 hours and total fee is £75. Other work is £50 per hour and there is a half day and full day rate with a £300 limit. Caroline Auckland-Shore advised that in Wakefield it is £50 for attendance at LOC meetings, £80 for attendance of other meetings on behalf of the LOC and there is also a half day and full day rate; the Wakefield full day rate is higher than the RBLOC. NS advised all the attendees that the rates were fair, that members work hard and often undertake work in unsocial hours. 

RK and TH advised that they would like to retire from the RBLOC. OH stated that both RK and TH organisational memory and contributions to the committee were essential and encouraged both RK and TH to speak to him outside of the meeting about the future of their roles. 

  1. LOCSU Update

NS provided a LOCSU update to the attendees. NS advised that LOCSU help people to run effective LOC’s and provide a commissioning role. NS advised the attendees that there are changes ongoing in LOCSU to reflect the new NHS England regional structure. NS stated that LOCSU want to work on a bigger scale. NS stated that LOCSU work with multiple stakeholders including primary care networks, hospitals, ICPs etc. LOCSU have created a DSBT toolkit, which is QIU made easy and advised that they are bidding for the DVLA tender. NS stated that LOCSU are also writing to the Department of Health about IT and trying to get optometrists access to patient records. 

NS then advised attendees that Rotherham CCG have agreed a MECs service and extended a big thank you to TH for all the work that he put into this historically. The fee will be £50 per practice and all practices will need to use Optomanager. NS advised that PEC have won contracts for Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham and are looking to take on work in Doncaster and Bassetlaw also. NS stated that there is a lot of amazing work being done by the RBLOC and lots more that can be done. NS thanked TH for all past work and thanked OH for all the work done so far. NS stated that the future for RBLOC is positive and exciting. 

OH enquired about the LOCSU DVLA tender. NS advised that a tender has been submitted through PECs and an outcome is awaited. Specsavers had previously intended to bid but instead did a joint bid with PECs. NS stated that there would be a £15 fee for the DVLA work. DB enquired what equipment was to be used and NS stated Humphrey’s field machine or the new Henson.

OH enquired about the Rotherham MECs, particularly around having to use Optomanager following the issues experienced in Barnsley. NS stated that PECs is learning from Barnsley and will be holding a regional event for clinical and non-clinical staff to provide an overview of the system and introduce MECs. SS stated that Barnsley optometrists are still finding Optomanager difficult to use. NS thanked SS for the feedback and stated that PECs will be looking at ways to provide further training. NS encouraged everyone to attend launch events to learn about Optomanager. Aileen Murgatroyd commented that practice makes perfect on the Optomanager system. NS stated that if anyone was struggling then to contact him for assistance. 

ACTION: NS contact details to be added to the RBLOC website for Optomanager queries.

Th enquired when the Rotherham MECs scheme was likely to go live. NS stated provisionally 1 July 2019.  

  1. Planned LOC Projects for 2019

An overview of progress on current work programmes was given. OH has continued to update the website, DB will review to double check and SO’B will be leading on social media work. SuB is doing some great work on CET events, one is planned for 29 April in Barnsley Hospital and is GOC 1 interactive point for dispensing and optometrists. There are 40 places available and non-clinical can also attend. The second event planned is on 19 June, the venue is just being finalised. It is 6 points, 2.5 hour event – discussion workshop and lecture not a peer review. Will cover low vision for DO’s. OH stated that the next two events will be held September 17 and December 3 and suggestions for the events are welcome. All the events will be for DO’s and optometrists. DD suggested a peer review for one of these dates. OH stated that he and TH have been progressing the hospital work. TH will be meeting colleagues in Rotherham Hospital on 2 May and PD/SS are progressing work with Barnsley Hospital. OH noted that the work on National Eye Health Week still did not have a lead and asked committee members to put forward expressions of interest in this.

  1. Any Other Business (AOB) (All)

Election of Officers: TH advised the attendees that no formal election was required for any of the committee roles unless there is competition but every 3 years an election process is required. It was noted that all current committee members will continue in their designated roles this year.

The attendees discussed future elections of officers and decided that an open and honest culture of democracy needed to be the focus going forwards. All attendees agreed that for election of members in 2020/21 there would be a ballot paper for roles on the committee and the outcome of the ballot would be drawn at the 2020/21 AGM. Jim Gill enquired if LOC meetings are open. OH advised yes and all links with information about the meetings are available on the RBLOC website.

ACTION: Process for committee elections to be drawn up and date established for 2020/21 elections and AGM.

Meeting Closed: 19:50

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting: Tuesday 11th June 2019, 6.00pm, IBIS Styles Hotel Barnsley, Whinby Road, Dodworth, Barnsley, S75 3TX.