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LOC Constituiton

Rotherham & Barnsley LOC is a statutory body, formed in April 2012, which aims to represent the interests of local optical practitioners, contractors and performers. It provides advice and support on any matter concerning the NHS optical contract (and terms of service), on locally agreed enhanced services and on developments such as clinical governance. It can also act as a source of information for enquiries from members of the public.

By polling opinion from its local practitioners, the LOC formulates collective views on issues and concerns affecting optical practitioners in the area. The LOC can then liaise with NHS bodies such as the Rotherham & Barnsley CCGs, putting forward the views of its constituents.

The LOC is funded by a statutory levy, which is collected from the monthly payments made to registered opticians for performing General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) sight tests in the Rotherham and Barnsley areas. These funds cover the costs of meetings, transport, project costs, printing, stationery, etc.

Committee meetings are held regularly throughout the year, to which all optical practitioners and guests are welcome to attend.