At present, there is NO plan to switch the FAX machines OFF at either the Wet AMD clinic at RBH or Ward 6 at BGH; the NHS Trusts across the country are still yet to put other systems in place ready for when FAXes are switched off. This will be sometime next year now; we are seeking clarification via LOCSU and will let you know. For now:


Wet AMD referrals:


Please use the FAX number on the form to refer the patients in, and remember to check that the FAX has been received. If you have no FAX machine (or it’s not functioning) – and only then, please! – you can send the report by NHS Mail to the Wet AMD team. As the route to referral is different to the IES - as it is a 2-week rule service – you need to ensure that the report gets there; please send the e-mail to ALL THREE OF THE TEAM. There have been a couple of times when the report has been sent only to Chris (via email) when he’s been away -  which is very worrying and means the patient falls outside the 2-week window. The team’s e-mail addresses are:

Please use these ONLY for Wet AMD referrals!

Ward 6 Emergency referrals:

These should go via NHS Mail using the form attached – if you have other reports (such as Optomanager MECS reports, field tests or fundus images/OCT scans), send them too. The FAX at Ward 6 is working and will not be switched off, but it is not a secure means of transferring patient data, and should only be used as a last resort, after speaking to the Triage team at Ward 6, please. The e-mail address to use is: