Virtual Reality Technology for the Visually Impaired.

A MSc research project run by Durham University, for 2 students (one based in Durham and the other in Gateshead) are looking to recruit people who have any visual impairment that effects their daily living skills to investigate whether Virtual Reality (VR) technology has the potential to be used as an assessment/rehabilitation aid in the future. 


This is a very preliminary feasibility project, to understand if VR tasks are practical for individuals with some degree of visual loss, and whether performance is comparable between search-based VR tasks and other more standard measures (e.g. visual search). If the data is promising, then they hope to explore developing VR rehabilitation aids.


The participant information sheet is attached and can provide any further information that you may require. If you are interested, then the Team would really appreciate help identifying any potential participants with partial visual loss. Participants would be reimbursed for their time (£10 p/h – expect testing to take ~1 hour, and would not exceed 2 hours).  The research team are happy to discuss undertaking the assessments close to peoples homes so long as there is an available space and will consider seeing people in their own homes if required. It has already been arranged that people will be able to undertake the assessments at:


Simon Berry Opticians in Durham and Sight Service in Pelaw, Gateshead.


If anyone is intrested in being involved, please ask them to contact Dr. Lane on the details below. You can pass the persons details (with their permission) to Dr.Lane and her team will contact them to provide further details.