SEI Sight Study - looking for patients

Sunderland Eye Infirmary (SEI) have asked if we could send information of a study that they are doing, out to practitioners in the Sunderland area.
They are recruiting as part of a national study looking at patients with dry AMD and specifically central 'geographic' atrophy affecting both eyes.


The study is looking at the association between this form of AMD and abnormality in a complement protein called complement factor I which regulates the complement system. (The complement system is a protein cascade that forms part of our immune system) It is thought that in some patients complement factor I is abnormal and does not regulate the complement system as well as it should do, leading to AMD.
The study is called the SIGHT study and at this stage just involves patients having a blood test to see to see if they have the abnormal complement factor I, and then if they do the patients are invited back for some images of their posterior retinas.
There is going to be follow on studies for the patients with the abnormal protein levels for treatment (most likely gene therapy) which might improve their vision or at least stopping them get worse.
If you see any patients with this type of dry AMD, and who would be interested in taking part in the study, we would be happy to receive a brief letter with their contact details on - we would then send them more information about the study and ask them if they want to take part.  We can pay their travel expenses to attend the eye infirmary.
The study specifically excludes people with unilateral AMD as well as any history of previous wet AMD in either eye.  Also ideally one of the eyes would have vision of 6/36 or worse.
They have until the end of May 2019 to recruit.