MECS Accreditation Codes

Dear Members,

Please  see the attached message from Eyall regarding MECS codes, and further information on the MECS  programme itself from Katerina Venerus of LOCSU:

From Eyall:

If any  optometrist would like the code for the MECS course then he or she will need to contact me with their GOC number stating the practice that that person is working for and I will sent then the code for the MECS course.

From Katrina Venerus:

Dear LOC Colleagues
As you will be aware LOCSU launched a new strategy <>  on 5 February 2016 outlining plans to increase the pace and scale of commissioning of primary eye care services. The strategy is underpinned by a series of tightly focused objectives with challenging and measurable targets; and an implementation plan to assure delivery within the required timeframe.  

Enabling a MECS – ready workforce
One of the key objectives for 2016/17, in anticipation of rapid growth of Minor Eye Condition Services (MECS) across England, is to have a workforce that is ready and accredited to deliver MECS.  To date LOCs have organised MECS accreditations once a service has been agreed by a CCG. Going forward, we will work with LOCs to ensure all optometrists across England can access MECS accreditation so that they are ready and able to participate in any NHS-commissioned that is negotiated. It is worth adding that in the absence of an NHS-commissioned service MECS could of course also be offered privately. The major multiples have offered the use of their larger stores to host MECS OSCEs which will save on venue costs.

Requirements for Training and Accreditation for MECs
As a reminder, there are two parts to the training and accreditation for MECS:
Part 1 is a series of online distance learning lectures and multiple choice questions delivered for LOCSU by WOPEC.  Access codes are available from LOCSU. This must be successfully completed by the optometrist before progressing to part 2.

Just under 2000 optometrists have already completed Part 1.
Part 2 of the accreditation is an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). This practical skills assessment is currently delivered at a local level on request from LOCs and is led and administered by WOPEC.

Just under 1000 optometrists have completed Part 2.


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