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Dear John

Our Council decided yesterday that the next Continuing Education and Training (CET) cycle will be a standard three year cycle, running from 2019-21, with the same requirements as in the current cycle.

We had initially planned to make 2019 a one-year transition period before implementing changes to the scheme from 2020 in order to do more to promote registrants’ continuing professional development. However, feedback from our recent CET consultation suggested that CET providers and registrants would need more time to meet the requirements of the new scheme.

So we’ve listened to these concerns and significant changes to the scheme will not now come into effect until the 2022-24 cycle, giving providers and registrants ample time to prepare.

Meanwhile, we will be introducing a new and improved MyCET online system in January 2019. We have used feedback from registrants, providers and approvers to improve the interface of the system, particularly on portable devices.

We will introduce a new digital guidance booklet for the 2019-21 CET cycle this January, to help you understand the changes to MyCET and the full requirements of the scheme.

Finally, please remember that the current CET cycle is quickly coming to a close, so if you haven’t yet met all your requirements and accepted all your points, please do so by 31 December 2018 to ensure you remain on the register.

If you have any questions regarding CET, please email

Best wishes