OPL Numbers

National performers list application for pre-reg optometrists

It is strongly advisable to apply NOW (June) for your Ophthalmic Performers List Number, even though you have not yet qualified. The paperwork and checks that have to be done take several weeks. You will not be able to practice unsupervised until you have your OPL number even if you have your GOC registration.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.performer.england.nhs.uk, click on Documents and then click on Performers List Application form and Notes  
  2. You need to complete as much as possible of the 20 page application form.  Leave blank details you do not yet have.
  3. In Section 7: Declarations, you MUST disclose ALL offences, cautions etc.  Many offences, cautions etc will not bar you from the list but failure to admit details that are later uncovered will be judged far, far more seriously.
  4. On the CV, include details of qualifications and work since leaving school up to the present time.
  5. You need to take the completed form along with ALL the supporting documents for both the OPL and DBS forms (see 6 below)  IN PERSON to your Local Area Team Office.  For everyone working in Greater Manchester, the office is: 
    Primary Care Support Services (Preston) 
    Caxton Road 
    PR2 9ZZ 
    01772 221 338 
    If visiting between 08.00 and 15.30, you do not need an appointment.  The office is open from 07.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday, but if visiting early or after 15.30, please phone to confirm someone will be available. 
    Travel information is available at www.traveline-northwest.co.uk   Enter LASCA Caxton Road Preston PR2 9ZZ into the destination.
  6. If you have a Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) Enhanced Level Certificate issued within the last 3 months take it or the PIN to update the certificate.  If you do not yet have one, you will also need to complete a DBS application form when you go to the office.  Please visit this link:  https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check/documents-the-applicant-must-provide- to ensure you take the correct supporting documents with you.   The DBS form is then sent to Liverpool and can take several weeks to process.
  7. When you have qualified, you need to send your GOC certificate and details of your professional indemnity insurance (actual certificate, not a copy) to PCSS (Preston).  This can be done by post; you don’t have to attend the office.  They will put together an approval pack to go to the Local Area Team.  This takes about 2 weeks and then you will receive an email with your OPL number.  Until then you must continue to practice under your pre-reg. status.


With all our best wishes for your future career in optometry.

Greater Manchester Local Optometric Committees