Glaucoma information & Local Protocol

The Manchester Glaucoma Referral Refinement Service (GRRS)

What is the GRRS service?

This is a primary care optometry service for patients who are suspected, by their GP or Optometrist, of developing non-acute glaucoma.
It is provided by accredited optometrists with specialist knowledge and skills at a local practice close to the patients home or place of work.


Who is eligible for the GRRS service?

All patients registered with a Manchester GP who present at an optometrist or GP with any suspect signs of glaucoma or elevated intraocular pressure (IOP).

All patients registered with a Manchester GP who present at an optometrist or GP with any suspect signs of glaucoma or elevated intraocular pressure (IOP).

How do patients access the GRRS service?

Patients may be referred into the service from:

A non-accredited optometrist
A Manchester GP

What happens when I see the optometrist?

The optometrist will discuss the patients eye history, symptoms, risk factors and any related medical   history.

Patients should take their spectacles and a list of current medications to the appointment.

The optometrist will detect the presence or suspicion of glaucoma using specific tests relevant to the signs/symptoms.

The patient will be found:

- to not to have glaucoma, nor be at risk of developing glaucoma in the foreseeable future and be discharged back the care of their optometrist,

- or to have a diagnosis or suspicion of glaucoma and will be referred to the Eye Hospital (MREH) for further assessment

The GRRS optometrist will notify the patients GP and referring optometrist about the outcome of the 
consultation in order to ensure that medical records are updated.  

A sight test will not be performed as part of the assessment and a prescription for glasses will not be issued. However, where a referral originates with a GP it may be necessary to carry out a sight test first. The GRRS optometrist will be able to give advice. Any patient that you suspect has glaucoma or raised pressures ( taking into account the advice regarding age and pressures) should be referred to an accredited Optometrist for further assessment.

Referral Refinement Practices

Practice NameAddressCity Post Code  Tel   Optometrist 
 Arrowsmith Opticians   672 Rochdale Road   Harpurhey   Manchester   M9 5TT   205 2575     Joe Arrowsmith Cara Burns Rebecca Reitdyke 
 Gent Bros Opticians   325 Hollinwood Avenue   New Moston   Manchester   M40 0JA   681 1348     Ian Creek 
 Glasses 4 Less   380 Dickinson Road   Longsight   Manchester   M13 0WQ   256 2266     Robert Glass 
 Jennings Opticians Ltd   Unit 7 Hale Top Civic Centre   Wythenshawe   Manchester   M22 5RN   437 3042     Kishor Patel Roachan Patel Alan Delaney 
 Leeming Opticians   1a School Lane   Didsbury   Manchester   M20 6RD   445 5307     Michael Leeming 
 Murray and Haggerty   238 Fog Lane   Didsbury   Manchester   M20 6EL   434 4597     Clare Haggerty 
 Optical Express   31 Nth City Shopping Centre   Harpurhey   Manchester   M9 4DH   205 6925     Linda Crossley 
 Optieye Care   646 Hyde Road   Gorton   Manchester   M18 7EE   223 2001     Mr S Chaudhary 
 Selby and Glover   167 Chapman Street     Manchester   M18 8LY   223 0694     Jill Dearden 
 Specsavers Fallowfield   114 Mauldeth Road   Fallowfield   Manchester   M14 6SQ   434 2755     Paul Showman 
 The Eye Site Opticians   58 Bury Old Road   Cheetham Hill   Manchester   M8 5BN   795 2341     David Goldberg 
 Optometry Clinics   Carys Bannister Building Dover Street     Manchester   M13 9PT   306 3860     Catherine Porter 
 Framed Opticians   1-3 St Ann's Passage King Street   City Centre   Manchester   M2 6AB   839 6753     Richard Peck 
 Wheeldon Opticians   106 Palatine Road   West Didsbury   Manchester   M20 3YB   445 4253     David Wheeldon 



This is a reminder to all Manchester Optometrists that they must refer directly into this scheme and not to a GP.

A list of accredited GERS Optometrists can be found at the bottom of this page.

Also please remember this is a Manchester CCG scheme only and is based on the patient having a Manchester GP.

Any Optometrist outside the Manchester CCG should refer into the scheme if the patient has a Manchester GP.


Please ensure that ALL locums are aware of the referral pathways in Manchester.