Cataract Information & Local Protocol

Manchester CCG patients Only

From the 1st February 2017 local cataract surgery providers will discharge non-complicated post-cataract assessments back to the original pre-cataract pathway referring optometrist for their post-operative assessment.


Note: Only patients who have been referred in for BILATERAL cataracts should have the second eye treated if it fits the criteria. All patients referred in for the treatment of one eye only should be re-referred, if necessary, for the second eye.


Cataract surgery is justified and appropriate when the patient fulfils the following criteria:

• The best corrected visual acuity score is worse than 6/9 (Snellen) or 0.2 (Logmar) in the affected eye, AND has one of the following (with correction):

- Difficulty carrying out everyday tasks such as recognising faces, watching TV, reading, cooking, playing sport/cards, shopping etc.

- Reduced mobility, experiencing difficulties in driving, for example, due to glare, or experiencing difficulty with steps or uneven ground.

- Ability to work, give care or live independently is affected.


A patient should NOT be referred for cataract surgery if:

• The patient does not desire surgery.

• Glasses or other visual aids provide functional vision satisfactory to the patient.

• The patient’s quality of life or ability to function is not compromised.

• The patient has concomitant ocular disease where functional improvement is unlikely.

• Patients who are not referred for surgery should remain under the care of their primary care practitioner (GP, community ophthalmologist, optometrist) and be reassessed at one to two year intervals, as appropriate.


The referral criteria for second eye are:

• As above for first eye OR

• Where there are binocular considerations

• Where there is anisometropia

• Where there is disabling glare



Please see documents below with regards to Cataract Service, List of cataract accredited Optometrists, Service Spec, details regarding the key performance indicators the service will be measured against ,Cataract Appeal Process and Cataract Pre-Op Questionnaire for your information.