If you have Ocular Hypertension or Early Glacuoma, then you will historically have been under the care of the Hereford County Hospital.


If your condition has been found to be stable and is unlikely to change within the foreseeable future, you may be offered monitoring by the HOLOMS scheme.  


HOLOMS is our new local scheme, agreed together with the Herefordshire GP Commissioning Body, to make ocular hypertension and glaucoma care in the locality more patient friendly and accessible.



If the eye unit feel it is appropriate, you may be invited you to attend the scheme instead of a visit to the hospital.



You will be invited to attend your local accredited Optometrist/Optician to have your Ocular Hypertension assessed. This Optometrist is probably the one you see anyway. The Optometrist will use the same tests as the Hereford County Hospital Eye Unit.


Your Optometrist will be performing your future Ocular Hypertension/Early Glaucoma assessments in your local Optometry Practice. The Optometrist will report the results back to the Hereford County Hospital Glaucoma department.


The Optometrist will see you every six months (or annually at the discretion of the Victoria Eye Unit)  for five visits and then you will be referred back to the Eye Department for one visit. For this visit you will get a letter from myself to invite you to attend the Hereford County Hospital Eye Unit again. Of course, should there be any change or abnormalities found before this return visit to the Hereford County Hospital Eye Unit, you will be referred back to the hospital sooner.


The Hereford Hospital Eye Unit and the Optometrists in Herefordshire have been working together so that patients are seen at a time and place that is convenient for them whilst ensuring that the highest standards of care are maintained.



  1.  Please let the eye unit know if you do not want to be seen in the community so they can keep your hospital appointment for you.
  2. Otherwise, please contact one of the accredited Optometrists on the list below to make your appointment for about 6 months from your last appointment with the eye unit.
  3. You will be sent a record card which you should take to an accredited optometrist, on the approved list. Please take it with you when you attend your appointment.


This is an exciting scheme which ties in primary and secondary care in Hereford. It helps us provide better care for those that need it in the place that it is needed.