Childrens Eyecare Pathway (Reception Class)

In Herefordshire, we are lucky to have an Orthoptist Led School Screening Program.

Oprtoptists diagnose and treat defects of vision and abnormalities of eye movement. They are usually part of a hospital team looking after people with eye problems especially those related to binocular vision, amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (squint).

In Herefordshire, Orthoptists from the Victoria Eye Unit in Hereford aim to screen all Reception Class children.  This is not a full eye examination, but is designed to identify any children at risk of developing a lazy eye.

If your child is identified as requiring further investigation, you will normally be referred to an Optometrist for further investigation and treatment.   

However, if your child is found to have an eye turn, or particually poor vision in one or both eyes then they may be referred to the Victoria Eye Unit at Hereford County Hospital.


If your child has been identified as needing to see an Optometrist, please click here for further information.