We have been working with colleagues in Information Governance and eHealth, and they have created the two Information Asset Register (IAR) spreadsheets for use by Ophthalmic practices, accompanied by the guidance notes for both sheets, these forms are the:

To assist you in completing the form, row 2 of the Personal Info IAR has been prepopulated with a number of the systems that you use in practice. This list is not exhaustive, and there may be headings here for systems that you don’t use. Please remove headings you don’t use and add any that have been missed.  Using the “Ophthalmic Practice Information Asset Guidance - Personal Assets” document, complete the relevant fields under each of the headings. Some of the other fields on the sheet have been prepopulated with appropriate entries, you can accept these or change them as required.

The Information Asset Business Guidance document gives the Definition of an Information Asset. These IAs are any sets of data relating to the practice’s business. These will include staff files, complaints registers, minutes of meetings etc. Head up a column for each type, and using the “Ophthalmic Practice Information Asset Guidance - Business Assets” document complete the relevant fields under each of the headings.

The final item on this page is the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Data Protection Notice. You can amend this document for your own use.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress and discussions are ongoing with the Central Legal office and the Information Commissioner regarding Privacy Notices, and Data Protection Officer arrangements, which we hope will be completed shortly. In that light, these will be living documents that you will amend as required, but any further amendments will be minor, and you should make a start on the process. Also note that these are internal practice files, and you are not required to submit them to the Health Board or elsewhere, you will simply save them onto the practice system, as say 54321 Personal/Business IAR, where they will be available if required.