Cataract Referral

Western Cheshire operates a direct cataract referral scheme. The referral form can be downloaded here. It is intended to streamline the cataract referral process and ensure all patients referred are at the correct stage to be listed for surgery. Please use this form for all patients whom you are referring to be considered for cataract surgery in place of the current ORF/ GOS18 or other letter. DO NOT SEND An ORF/ GOS 18 AS WELL. There is a patient information leaflet, which contains the correct contact details for them to book an appointment. 


The referrals are faxed to a patient choice centre on: 01244 362846


Then provide the patient with the patient information leaflet (downloadable below). The patient is then to ring 01244 362836 two days after the fax has been sent to book an appointment.


The patient can choose where they would like to be seen for their operation. 


Please use these links for further information:


Cataract referral form

Cataract non-referral form

Patient information leaflet

Cataract Referral Simple Process

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