New Cataract Referral

The old paper based Cataract referral system has been replaced with a new one based on the Webstar platform. 

The new service will require a few things to be done by the practice in order to register.

  •  Complete quality in optometry (QIO) and Contract checklists. This is identical to the work that most practices have already completed to take part in the OHT monitoring service and the Leighton Post Op Cataract Follow Up Scheme so the only extra work required will be uploading the documents again (sorry about that bit!). Any practices who don’t currently take part in these services will need to complete checklists as well. 


Practitioners who wish to participate must also complete the following:

  • The WOPEC Cataract training Module. Again this is the same as the one that most of you did for the Leighton Post Op service and all you need to do is upload the same certificate again (sorry!). If you haven’t done this WOPEC module yet, it is a set of about 4 on line lectures with MCQs and (and CET points). To get a free log on code to complete this module contact:
  • Complete DOCET Safeguarding level 2 Core for both adults and Children. Again the same as required for other services so just upload your certificate again. If you haven’t done these yet then you can find them on the DOCET home page under Safeguarding. They take about an evening apiece to complete.
  • Sign a subcontractor contract with Primary Eyecare Cheshire.


It is the CCGs intention that all cataract referrals go through this service in future so the GPs will be sending any cataract referrals from non-participating practices back out to one of the participating practices so it really is in everyone’s best interest for ALL practices in the Central Cheshire area take part as well as those in East and West Cheshire areas who have any patients who are registered with GPs in the Central area.


If only some of your optometrists are qualified/accredited for this service then other optometrists (including locums) in the practice will need to refer internally to one of the qualified optometrists to complete the referral process. Of course its even easier if all the optometrists are accredited!


To report any incidents, service issues or complaints please use the dedicated section on Optomanager, for details on how to do this click here, or if you consider it to be an urgent issue please email Mark Simpson