Leighton Hospital Post Cataract

Leighton eye hospital have agreed to a post cataract service to be carried out by optometrists in the area. This requires the optometrist to perform health checks on patients a few weeks after the consultation.


Once patients have had their operation Leighton will provide them with a 'post op' letter. The patient will then take this to an accredited practice. Once the appointment has been carried out by the accredited optometrist, the results will need to be updated onto the Webstar platform. 


To see a list of accredited practices please click here


a)      It is very important to ensure that the patient in question has been discharged to community follow up before you provide the service. The only way that you can be sure is if the patient has a letter listing all the practices providing the service. If they don’t have that letter then they are having their post op check at Leighton for some reason. If you perform a post op check on a patient who hasn’t been discharged to community follow up you wont get paid!


b)      If you have any doubts about the eligibility of a particular patient then contact Dan Shelley at Leighton (01270 255141 and ask for Dan Shelley in ophthalmic appointments)


c)      At present you still need to enter all the demographic info into Webstar for your patients then make them an appointment in the system and then complete the report. 


d)      Once you have completed an assessment you MUST sign it off with your practitioner PIN number.


e)      Remember it is important to try to do all post op appointments as close to the required date as possible. Delays lead to extra work for everyone and in the case of patients awaiting 2nd eye surgery it may result in them missing their allocated slot!


Practices that are not accredited to provide the service need to refer patients to accredited practices. If you would like to be accredited for the service please follow the steps below:


1) Practice Authoriisation


If you currently have QIO submissions for either the Ocular hypertension monitoring service or the Glaucoma repeat readings service you will not need to upload these again. Please email  Lyndon Taylor to let her know that your're interested in providing the service.


If you have not submitted any of the QIO documents before please can you send these documents to Lyndon Taylor. The ones needed are:


- Quality in optometry: level 1

- Quality in optometry standard contract checklist for general conditions, service conditions and information governance

- Infection control audit
- Employers liability certificate


2) Practitioner Authorisation


When you first log on to optomanager, click the manage practitioner and then the add practitioner button.
You will be asked to enter your details and upload the following certificates
- WOPEC Cataract
- Safeguarding Children Core/level 2
- Safeguarding vulnerable adults Core/level 2
Once this has been done one of the clinical leads will check the documents and authorise your request, which will allow you to start seeing patients.

To report any incidents, service issues or complaints please use the dedicated section on Optomanager, for details on how to do this click here, or if you consider it to be an urgent issue please email Mark Simpson