CET and Peer Review


The LOC is registered as  a CET provider with Vantage for the GOC mandatory CET scheme.

The LOC runs occasional CET events and where appropriate gets shared care accreditation events approved for CET points.

The LOC  runs local Peer Review groups. These are free of charge to all optometrists practicing within the LOC area and usually involve small group discussions of interesting cases presented by the members of the group in an informal setting. These are usually held in an evening with a buffet meal provided. CET points are usually available for these events

The Central Cheshire Peer Review Group meets twice a year, usually in  Spring and  Autumn. If you would like to attend this group, contact Elizabeth Taylor by e-mail to peerreview@cheshireloc.org.uk

There are further Peer Review sessions available in both Western and Eastern Cheshire. Further details for these events will follow as these are arranged.


To see if there are any upcoming events please click here