Eye Services for People with Learning Disabilities

People with Learning Disabilities Pathway

Cheshire and Merseyside are piloting a scheme to provide community eye care for Adults & Young People with Learning Disabilities

The purpose of this scheme is to increase the number of sight tests in patients diagnosed with learning disabilities. 

This will be supplied through the Webstar platform and be managed by Primary Eye Care Cheshire



For a full description of the pathway click here


Currently 2-2.5% of people in the UK have a learning disability.  People with learning disabilities (LD) are ten times more likely to have eye problems and 6 out of 10 will need to wear glasses – however they are less likely to receive timely and appropriate care, than the rest of the population.

Who is eligible?

The service should be available to anyone who is

a) 14 years old or above

b) recognised by their GP as having a mild, moderate or severe learning disability (they may be on a local learning disability register)


For any practices that wish to be involved the requirements are highlighted below:



  • Quality in Optometry (QIO) level 1 and NHS standard contract
    For those already registered for other services further submission of QIO is not needed


If you have any queries about this scheme, or would like to be involved please contact Theresa Cox 


Lots of resources available at: https://www.seeability.org/

To report any incidents, service issues or complaints please use the dedicated section on Optomanager, for details on how to do this click here, or if you consider it to be an urgent issue please email Theresa Cox or contact her on 07976215304


Telling the Optometrist about me

Feedback from the Optometrist Form

LD Patient satisfaction questionnaire

LD team information and contacts